Car air freshener the car air freshener in the car, on your computer or in the office and it will diffuse a high quality perfume. Turn the globes of the perfume dispenser and the perfume will be diffused. It is the perfect promotional gift for in the car, in the office ,or at home21 march 2017 09:08:00Retail can propose standard designs to be printed on the freshballs or we can customise them for you with a logo, design or text.21 march 2017 09:08:00Contact us to order now21 march 2017 09:08:00About us factory of {Horizon Sources SL} is based in Spain Barcelona 15 minutes from the international airport. Our 15 year-old experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Imprinted promotional products strengthens our ability to present you really original new products.21 march 2017 09:08:00Success stories succesfull football club in Belgium, KV MECHELEN sells the Freshballs with their club logo in the fanshop. The supporters of the club customise their car interior with the Clipball and buy a new one each three months21 march 2017 09:08:00Partners Sources Temporary Tattoos Tatouage temporaire Winnies and Wuppies Tap Tap Bangersticks Stylo plume Logosocks21 march 2017 09:08:00Samples AND policy non established customers samples are billed. Well be happy to supply samples of any of our specialty advertising21 march 2017 09:08:00